A lady at my school lost her precious life to a raging fire incident in her room sometime later last week. Nobody really knows what happened but reports claim the fire was sprouted by an electric kettle which she had been using to heat some water, plugged into the sockets before fatefully dozing off with the doors locked from inside. I don’t recall the last time someone got burnt in a fire and never screamed for help. I mean, even if you were dead asleep, you gotta feel the smoke being emmitted choking you and wake up right? Or lets assume flames didn’t billow. Didn’t she scream for help? I only have a problem with the neighbors. How can someone be literally burning to death in the next room and you don’t hear a thing, only living to tell the story to the media in the name of ‘witness’ ? I am pretty heavy sleeper myself, I have once been carried off my bed and laid on the couch and I woke up the next day like nothing ever happened. But a fire, seriously? C’mon guys…


Now, it so happens that the deceased, Faith Victoria (R.I.P), was actually the better-half of someone I went to high school with and currently attend the same university with. Now I’d be gravely lying to you if I said the guy and I have been the closest of friends. We haven’t. But with the four years we spent together at Saints Yala and now the second year we’ve been together at JKUAT, I’d say we get along just fine. Cool dude, ever cheery whenever we brushed shoulders and always in a nice pair of shorts. I’ve been with this guy in the same campus for the second year running, and though we never see each other seven times a week, not once have I met this guy not in a pair of shorts. I know change is good but this guy’s consistency with his shorts, remarkable bana. You gotta give it up.


Any further details regarding what happened at the scene are not mine to divulge, we have relevant authorities for that. Besides, I have no idea myself. What turns me off are these crazy rumours milling all over JKUAT that the dude has since been arrested following the incident and is currently the Number 1, or Prime, suspect on the police list. I hear that’s what made the Prime time news yesterday too. I mean, guys, this ninja just lost his girlfriend. Don’t you think the last place he wants to be right now is on your stinky mouths? Quit talking already, the only thing we should be yanking wide open right now are our arms in support of the guy. We owe him that, at least I do. We’ve heard of guys commit suicide after breaking up with their girlfriends. That’s stupid. Take me to such a person and I’ll personally untie his loose body from the noose and set it ablaze. Know why? ‘Cause the girl is still alive and you have a practical chance of winning her back if you love her that much. Well, guess what? This dude will never see his girlfriend again! Painful, right? Now you know what he’s going through. So think hard before you go swirling baseless baloney regarding this issue.


Faith Victoria. I only had the pleasure of meeting her twice in her short lifetime. The first time was when a couple of friends and former classmates of mine were chilling in one of the guys’ hostel and he walked in with her. Actually, I wasn’t in the room when they came in. They were there when I came in. ‘Cause I remember I was about to get my groove on when I was informed by one of the jamaas that she was his bae. So I backed off. First rule of the Bro-Code; Never hit on your bro’s bae. The second time was at an end of semester bash that those very guys in that room and I organized. Averagely slender, tall, dark-skinned chic with the fashion sense of a Hollywood celebrity. She knew how to dress well, the very first thing that caught my eye when I walked into that room the first day and she was sitting there just tapping silent buttons on her phone, presumably WhatsApp-ing with a few pals.


Two days is a short period to fully know someone. And to be honest, I feel like I never really knew a thing about her. Well, except for the fact that she was gorgeous, fashionable and she didn’t snub me like most JKUAT chics do. But what I do know is that she didn’t deserve to kick the bucket that soon. No one does. And nobody deserves to go through what that guy is going through right now (By now should know already that am not stating his name here, for obvious reasons).

Fare thee well, Faith. I celebrate you.


And Sir, all shall be well. Take heart.


This is my tribute to a fallen comrade. A partial stranger.




(Now I don’t know if it’s negativity that fills me but am sure as hell some bugger somewhere has by now already concluded that this article is a shot at publicity, monetary gains…or whatever you may call it. Be informed that this is just a damn WordPress blog; nobody pays me a cent to publish an article here. Whatever I write is strictly from deep down and for the love of the pen. I mean what I write, and I don’t write what I don’t mean. I sat down this morning to write about my experience at Coke Studio yesterday but I thought about that girl and a discussion I had with a few friends last night on a WhatsApp group and I felt this girl deserved more than just those numerous ‘R.I.P’ comments floating all over the JKUAT group. This is just my way of saying her memory lives on. Peace! )


  1. Yeah let the lady Rip.

    Well Carbon monoxide cant cause any chocking effect silky smooth. Also remember that
    CO can only be emitted in the case of a burning jiko. CO2 is infact an extinguisher incase of fire.
    Electric fault it was right ?
    What was her condition when she went to bed ?
    Was she sick..was she drunk or was she dead already.
    If the door was locked from inside..who might have locked it then ?
    If this is a genuine death then itll remain a mystery..if it was planned then ill use a day to know the truth nothing but the truth from the suspects.
    The chances of this lady being fine before the fire breakout are limited..Moto na nduru ni kitu kimoja..Something is unclear somewhere..
    Rip vicky

    • I dint talk about any Carbon Monoxide Sir.
      She was alright when she went to bed…not even a headache. And certainly not drunk.
      She was inside the house alone…what do you mean who locked the door from oinside?! Aint no ghosts in Juja.
      Planned death?? Dude, the guy cudn’t hurt a fly if he wanted to!! That’s a preposterous angle!

  2. ..A friend to the friend of my girlfriend…Atleast i know her that far…Losing a fellow Comrade is a nasty experience that every mind would want to reject..Going by your statements ” cudn’t hurt a fly if he wanted to’, am sure he is tortured mentally (if he watched KTN) coz they made it amongst the headlines…Its like our media had conducted some private investigation before airing the news..They were like ‘he might have murdered her’…What the hell is such a conclusion? ?.I mean why wud a mere media be so sceptical on the cause ? ?Cant proper investigation be given a chance(and avoid irresponsible conclusions that may jeopordize the whole truth )…Personally i was embarrassed by our media…The way they structured their news was leading everybody(including me) into blaming him…But should we really blame him??…Who did it?..Y did he/she do it?.What caused it?..Was it intentional?..Was it an accident? ..Should we be too quick to arrest anyone?(i hear he was the first suspect)…Cunt she scream for help?..Can death be that silent? ?…I would ask a million questions but lemi say what is important as per now…R.I.P VICTORIA..That was so early..R.I.P once more FAITH.

    • The media is the people’s worst enemy. KTN aired the story but they gave the wrong details about the girl’s education. If they couldn’t even trace her her education details, how wud they even know what happened here?! Screw the media!!

      Vicky rests, but her soul lives on!

  3. How did you know she was alright when she went to bed??
    Don’t you think your post is an attempt to make the dude seem a victim who is utterly in shock of loosing his chic but at the same time needs a little pity party??
    Plus…. don’t you think its a lil contradicting to talk that highly of a person you acknowledge you don’t know as much, who ain’t your friend and who you seemingly seem to know more about his shorts than him…. what about him makes you say that he can’t hurt a fly?? Coz from your long hullabo I have not seen anything to convince me otherwise….
    I know there’s need to protect your friend…. its human… its natural…. but not this way….

    • When you’ve spent 4 long horrendous years in high school and another 2 years in campus as I have with the dude in question, I think you can tell just about anything they can do by looking into their eyes.
      You strike me as a person only concerned by the minute components of this matter, two pages worth of writing and the only thing you notice distinctly is the description about the shorts?!
      *No Comment*

      And yes, there’s need to protect my friend…especially if he’s an innocent one!!!

  4. First who saw her before that moment??? Stop protecting your ‘friend’ if he has nothing to hide why should he be bothered!!! I have known Faith close to 6 years since high school and what i know she has never been that careless to leave an electric cattle on! You yourself talked about her fashion do you think a person so smart paying attention to every detail can be that careless??? If you would have said that You don’t know what happened but hope after investigation you would write something not this bullshit you are writing!! For me i feel this is very disrespectful to the family and friends first by calling her ‘Stranger’ as a headline? About shorts- dude you should look deep inside yourself and see if you are really straight…no pun intended! What you should be doing now is giving the family the peace it needs because it seems you care more about the dude’s pain than that of the family.

    • Dude, fashion sense and leaving an electric kettle on are two totally different stuff. Two, Did I say anything about my friend being bothered? He hasn’t even been allowed to defend himself yet. I called her a ‘stranger’ coz I only knew her two days,k I explained down there. Partial stranger. What, you expected the headline to scream ‘TRIBUTE TO MY BEST FRIEND EVER’?? i feel sorry for the family just as the next guy out here, I couldn’t care less whatever you think my intentions were. Deal with it.
      About my sexuality, I guess that wouldn’t happen to be any of your business now, would it?

  5. May she REST IN PEACE and all the romour mongers shud shut the hell up b4 their words are used against them…And again people should not take sides…

  6. Its funny how people pass then many people start acknowledging thea gud deeds.Its human and we are all human….Something that is pissing me off is the romours going round.The tramps spreading properganda shud learn to weigh there words…When u eat food and ur body is upside down azin ur head @ ur feet and your feet @ ur head,food will stil get to ur stomach despite of the law of gravity..This also implies to the romour mongas.As u use your so called logistics and give ur views,be open minded and keep your words to yourself…Coz i believe non of the romour mongers is doing forentic science…..We shud thank God for bringing Vicky to use and making an impact in our lives.Directly or indirectly…Then pray for her soul to rest in peace….

  7. Bro you just doin wat you love(writing)…n i believe its not in your jurisdiction to explain what rily happend…let the critics do their thing…you are a great writer man

  8. thats y i ddnt wana comment on that thng of “he kild her”
    NOBODY knws so just shhhhh…lest u judge wrongly…
    Only God knws!!!The rest just wsh her well bt dnt b quick to judge…until then….

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