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When I decided to start this ‘INTERVIEWS’ segment on my blog, I had in mind every Tom, Dick and Harry out there that inspires me. Those I could get to, obviously. In life, and I’ve never told this to anyone…not even him, but the one guy who keeps the ‘hustling’ spirit in me running is one AUSTIN ARNOLD.  I have spent half my entire life trying to beat this guy, hell I even got into serious writing after him. He was ahead of me in primary school but after he aced his K.C.P.E exams and got accepted into one Maranda High School (FYI, they topped the nation during his year), I vowed to beat/match his feat when my time came. I never did. He whopped my** again come K.C.S.E and it has been a game of ‘catching up’ ever since. Now, I’m an old school guy. I believe in “Keeping your friends close, and your ‘enemies’ closer”. Ipso facto, I decided to engage the elusive brainy chap in a tête-à-tête to find out just what it is that makes him tick and, if possible, borrow a leaf.


Enjoy, and please, take a few notes too!



ME: First things first, who is AUSTIN ARNOLD? Just describe yourself in a few words, basically.

ARNOLD: I am a Humble son of a Woman, Auma Nyar Keya, and a Man, Omondi Were. I like to describe myself as Eccentric, Determined and Ambitious. I get so passionate in any cause I set myself to. People think I am a know-it-all though. So I am a different person to different people. And I love it that way.



ME: Family?

ARNOLD: What about Family? I come from a family of six, two sisters, a brother and two cousins we have pretty much lived with all our lives. And family is supreme for me. I probably would not have turned the way I have without some of the lessons family values taught me.


ME: In which university do you study and what course are you currently pursuing?

ARNOLD: I’m currently pursuing Law at “The” University of Nairobi.



ME: You seem like a ‘suit and tie’ kind of guy. How would you describe your style?

ARNOLD: Pretty Much, Suit and Tie. Oscar Wilde said a well-tied tie is the first step to a serious life. And there is nothing more badass than a man in a well-fitting suit and a tie that nods. I am for elegance, which for me is to be noticed without striving hard to be noticed. Oh, and add a Watch to that look to achieve a priceless harmony.



ME: You’re also a blogger at ZEAL CHRONICLES. Tell us, what pushed you towards this particular path and who motivates you as far as writing is concerned?

ARNOLD: I read a lot. I like to write. I want to write even more. And sometimes it’s a nudging feeling I can’t wish away, so I wake up at three and offload whatever it is through writing. I want to spend a good part of my life just writing. It is not my hobby though. On motivation, I have grown up reading all sorts of stuff. The edgy writing of Jackson Biko, Easy satire of Philip Mwaniki, tense pieces of Clay Muganda and a plethora of other writers, majorly African. Ngugi remains my best writer. On blogging though, I get my inspiration from one Magunga Williams.



ME: Do you consider yourself a successful person? Why? And if so, how do you evaluate success?

ARNOLD: I am a success story. But I am also a Work in progress. Chasing success pants down. I think for me success is being at that point in your life where whenever you sit down to evaluate your life you are content with the position you are in, and how your life has turned out. The boy in me would be very proud of the man I am becoming, so Yeah, I am a success story.



ME: What is your greatest strength?

ARNOLD: Patience. In chasing destiny, I have learnt it doesn’t have to be a one day affair. I am ready to wait. It takes six months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota. Good things come to those who wait.



ME: And your greatest weakness?

ARNOLD: I think I talk a lot sometimes, when I really should zip it.



ME: What is the worst thing you have ever gotten away with your entire life?

ARNOLD: My mom and dad read your blog. Next question



ME: Hahahah…I don’t know whether I should take that as a compliment or hate speech but alright, next question it is. What are your lifelong dreams?  What/Who would you like to be in future?

ARNOLD: Media and Politics. My passion strides the two areas. I run an Entertainment agency called Edgy Entertainment and I want it to be a big deal in the coming years. I am a lawyer too so I hope to have my days in Court. I pray to have a Media House by 35 and host my own Talk Show. I am into Public Relations and Branding too so that should fit itself somewhere. Then later on I want to spend my later years doing active politics, before sinking into oblivion where nobody cares about you anymore.


ME: Word has it that you’re eyeing a SONU elective seat at the next elections. Tell us about that.

ARNOLD: Yes I will be vying in SONU next year.

And that is the much there is about it at the moment. Watch out.


ME: How do you plan to serve differently from the current holder of the seat you’re eyeing? And what can you offer the students/voters that other candidates cannot?

ARNOLD: I think it’s the time to inject Sobriety and some level of decorum into Campus politics. Most student leaders use that platform as a launchpad to some selfish political interests. There is much to be done for students that is thrown to the sides. As a regular student, I have seen it all and I want to be a part of the fresh leadership that campus students need. An approachable and issue oriented leader.



ME: What are your visions for the UoN students’ governing body and the students, as a whole?

ARNOLD: I will lay all that when the time comes. Patience. No rush my guy.



ME: Would you rather be liked or respected?

ARNOLD: Why do you have to like me? Just respect me, I will be good.


Arnold 2



ME: Tell us about your proudest achievement.

ARNOLD: Coming to Law School. In my first year, one of my lecturers called me and said “If there is anybody who deserves a First Class in your class, even at first year, it’s you. Go get it”. For the record, I won’t be getting a First Class. But that statement will leave with me.



ME: If you could relieve the last 5 years of your life, what would you do differently?

ARNOLD: I would have fallen in love more. The world is a beautiful place. But I am the “everything happens for a reason” kinda guy so I am content with how everything has turned out. My life has been a rollercoaster.



ME: Where do you see AUSTIN ARNOLD five years from now?

ARNOLD: Respected Advocate of the High Court. Running Edgy Entertainment, having made one million in a day. Man, I so want to make that million in a day.



ME: Don’t worry, your dreams are still valid partner. If you could be anywhere in this world right now, where would you rather be? Why?

ARNOLD: Saudi Arabia, as a Saudi Prince. Man, those guys even have toilet bowls made of Gold. There is having Cash, and then there is being a Saudi Prince.



ME: For the ladies’ sake, is there a missus somewhere in the pcture currently?

ARNOLD: Nuh. Where are those ladies though? Give them my number.



ME: Ha-ha… I think I’ll let them read this then get back to you on that. * LOL* Any last words for the readers?

ARNOLD: Chase Destiny. Find Yourself.  Life will not be kind to you if you do not know who you are. Fall in love. Nothing beats that. In the end, live not for anybody but you.


Arnold 1


P.S: Dude, buy a new hat. Am just saying!


You can keep up with Austin Arnold through his blog ‘ZEAL CHRONICLES’ ( http://auarnold2013.wordpress.com/ ), find him on Facebook ( Arnold Austine-  https://www.facebook.com/austin.arnold3?fref=ts ) or follow him on Twitter (@arnoldaustine- https://twitter.com/arnoldaustine ).




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