From my previous article, I can now fully say I comprehend the whole concept behind the cliché, Ain’t no wrath like that of a woman scorned. The comment section on my blog as well as my WhatsApp chat list were spewed with bile, insults, hatred and all mannerisms of odium. One particular mami even says she wants to see my shaved man-hood now. All in a day’s work. But I digress.

Moving On. This will be my shortest piece ever. And I will not repeat a word so read between the lines and listen carefully.

This post is mainly for JKUAT- Main Campus students, and anyone else who loves a warm quiet evening of fun, poetry, good music, and watching of a bevy of beauties walking down the runway – strutting their goods left right and center. Yes, JKUAT has beauties too omera. Juja Boys ni wewe!


MC Teller, in conjunction with Soundtrick Events, presents you with, The Invasion. Featuring Spoken Word maestro, Teardrops, ‘Kamua Leo’ hitmaker Kidis and a surprise guest that I’m not going to tell you now. Okay, mainly because not even I know who he/she will be yet. But then again if I did then it wouldn’t be a surprise, Aye?

What’s more, if you think you can sing or rap too (just not like Octopizzo please), you will get to take the stage too and show us what you’re made of. ‘Us’ here being the noisy judgmental critics in the audience most of whom are always scared shitless and wouldn’t get in front of a crowd if their lives depended on it.

I’m a big fan of events myself; Real events, not teenage douchebaggery like Masaku 7’s et cetera. Especially live events. They have this eerie way of separating the chaff from the real deal; Auto-tune and studio tricks from real talent. I once went to an Octopizzo concert and almost demanded my money back yet it was free. [See what I did there? No? Okay.]

So come Thursday – this Thursday, 11th June – find your way to the JKUAT- Main Campus Assembly Hall and enjoy. I will be at the front row seats. If you can spot me, maybe I can score you a few drinks and foodstuffs that will be passed around to the VIPs. I said maybe, stop texting me Davy.

Check poster for details and early bird ticket purchases.


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