Ian Duncan
Nairobi, Kenya

Bio: Writing is my escape from life's hullabaloo. I write because I'm inspired by the people around me; I write because I'm sickened by life's ills; I write because words are beautiful and they live forever; I write because there are stories we keep to ourselves that need telling; I write because I love to write. I am Ian Duncan. And I am the Son of of My Father. The Son of Omondi Were. Some people describe me as "Scotch standing boldly on a table full of Wine." And this is my Story.

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15 thoughts on “About

  1. First
    and foremost I must say this article is sooo good. You have the passion
    as I can read between the lines. You have now begun a journey that at
    all times you have to remain faithful to. Am preparing grounds to join
    you in writing through blogs and will share with you an introduction
    soon. Congratulations once again.

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