Chapter 2

The Acceptance

As Jake and Purity strolled down those pavements towards Hall 1, he kept stealing glances at her poking breasts amidst their mumbled introductions. He took her hand into his, shook it unwaveringly as he introduced himself with both his Christian name and surname. Even further adding his course and year of schooling, details he never revealed to any girl he slept with before…just in case any of them got pregnant and marked him for ‘Wanted’. Purity replied with just her maiden name as she struggled to free herself from Jake’s firm grip. But he wasn’t gon’ let go, not just yet. This was the only way he’d have her full attention, the only thing second to sex he was craving at that particular instance.


The next couple of minutes were probably the longest of Jake’s entire interaction with women. And the conversation? By far the worst. Okay, I can’t really tell if am exaggerating so please help me judge this:


“So, Purity, where do you stay? Am from Umoja myself. “


“And you finished high school last year or you’ve just been out exploring the world?” *Slight chuckle…he anticipated it to be a joke*

“No, last year.”

“Whoaa! I doubt I’d remember when I left high school, myself. That sh*t-hole.”


“Anyway, I schooled at Saints Yala. You heard of it?”


“You kidding me? We won the national rugby trophy last year!”

“Not a rugby fan.”

“Oh! So where’d you school?”



In as much as she thought Jake was cute and he’d been nice to her, Purity wasn’t about to play nice to any another man. She was done being nice. The last time she played second fiddle to a man, her heart got ripped right outta her and tossed straight into the gutters. She wasn’t ready to experience that one more time. So she was gon’ test his patience and see whether he’d cling on tightly or flee in the opposite direction. If he fled, the better. But then there was the prospect of him sticking around, which cold sent chills down her spine. She didn’t want a man in her life, at least not yet. But she was having trouble resisting this one already. Only time would tell, she concluded.


Jake, on the other hand, was getting ridiculously turned off by this animosity. What happened to the sweet little girl he’d met at the administration block a little over ten minutes ago? She smiled and seemed chatty back there, when did she get all cold and moody? She was playing way too hard to get, no woman has ever taken him that long to get her digits. Not even his over-rated no-nonsense Development Studies lecturer who had voluntarily handed him her digits after he’d just winked at her during a continuous assessment test. They banged that weekend and he scored a B in that test. So what was this one thinking? That she was smarter than him? Or he wasn’t good enough for her? Time would tell…only time would tell, he concluded too, just as they reached the entrance to Hall 1.


So Jake bid Purity goodbye as she walked onwards to trace her room in within mumbles of gratitude to him for escorting her to the hostel personally. She knew it was going to be hard not to want to see him again but she owed it to herself to at least try. And Jake was left reeling with so much disgust he turned back and headed for his almost half way class as he swore he wanted nothing to do with this lass anymore. What a turn off! And for the next couple of days everything was as normal in Jake’s world as they were in Purity’s world. He banged his way through each bed as usual, while she maintained her pleasant personality and even made a few friends. She was totally over Jake and him over her. Or were they?


They were to meet a week later at Jake’s favorite restaurant just a few blocks outside the school. That was where he partook of all his meals. And right there she was, sitting at his spot with a few new friends, gobbling down a warm delicacy of pilau and fries washed down with a cold glass of mango juice. He was totally blown away, he’d never seen a creature look so graceful before. And right there and then, as he occupied the doorway, he imagined what it would be like having her all to himself. This was the first woman to ever shove him off, but he wasn’t going down without a fight. All he knew was that she was beautiful, and he was horny as hell whenever he saw her. Purity lifted up her face and their eyes met. He smiled warmly and she smiled back, though coldly. But it didn’t bother him one bit, he was going to conquer this by hook or by crook. Mostly by crook.


So Jake walked to the counter, ordered his usual meal of Ugali and pork accompanied by a cold soda and took the seat right next to Purity’s. He was totally making it hard for her to resist him. And as he sat beside her, she felt a numbness engulf her declaring her whole being totally helpless to his charm. “Ah, what the hell! Come what may.” She decided. Jake said hello to her new friends and turned to her. Now that he was close to her she looked even prettier than she had a few seconds ago. And as he yanked open his mouth to address her, he only hoped for two things. One; That he hadn’t forgotten to brush his teeth in the morning. And two; That her coldness was gone…far away with the wind. Indeed it had. She was nicer this time. Way nicer.


They stroke a modest conversation. Jake cracked a few jokes and at least she giggled this time. He told her about himself and she told him about herself. All was going well. Until she rose to leave for class and instead of leaving Jake her contacts as he’d expected, she just patted him on the back and whispered, “See you around.” Dammit! What has a brother got to do to lay this woman? She was totally wringing his last batch of patience out of him. But he had decided he wasn’t gon’ go down easily and he was hell-bent on sticking to his guns. So he feigned satisfaction too and rose after her.


When Purity glanced over her shoulders and saw him nearing, she was surprised. And impressed too. He was persistent. As if nothing had happened, Jake picked up the conversation from where they had left and noticed a slight smile form over Purity’s mouth at the corner of his eye. Perhaps he wasn’t doing so badly after all. And it took just that one more conversation as he escorted her to class to get her to see him again. They agreed to meet that evening after classes at the students’ center. She still wouldn’t give him her contacts so she just told him to be there by 4 p.m. on the dot. Else he’d find her gone.


Jake was at the students’ center by 3.30 p.m. There was absolutely no way he was going to blow this up. And before he left his room, he’d made sure the bed was neatly spread, the room was tidy and the condoms tucked neatly under his pillow. Anything could happen. This was one of those ‘Prepare for the worst but still pray for the best’ moments. Deep down, he had a feeling she wouldn’t let him touch her today. But ain’t no harm in ‘just’ spreading one’s bed every once in a while, is there?


Just as the hour hand on his watch clicked 4 p.m., he saw Purity walk through the entrance to the students’ center and he waved towards her excitedly. To be honest, she wasn’t expecting him to be there when she walked in. She expected him to arrive late, at least by a minute or so. Men are always late, who the hell was this guy? And once again, he had pulled a fast one on her. She was impressed. She walked over, said the second “Hi” to the guy that day and grabbed a seat opposite him. Just like that, her journey into Jake’s world began.


They became close friends after that. Best friends even. Whenever they were free, they were always together. Breakfast, lunch or supper, they were right there next to each other. Sometimes holding hands. Jake’s multiple banging habit reduced drastically. His friends were amazed, but so was he. He couldn’t explain why he no longer felt the strong craving for sex as he had before. All he knew was that with Purity, he was always at peace and free from his usual crap. His whole world stood still whenever he took her hand into his and he lived for the moment. They were both having the best moments of their livelihoods, and there was no braking now.


Just friends had grown to best friends within a short span of time and before Purity could snap from her day dreams, they were dating. He treated her with utmost care, respect, and the one word neither of them had ever dreamt of uttering again anytime soon; LOVE. Jake and Purity fell for each other and it was the most amazing feeling he had felt his entire being. Three months, four months, five, six, seven…a year. They were still dating and not once had Jake felt the warmness beneath Purity’s skirt. Just a little cuddling and kissing here and there and that was as far as it went. An inch further and she’d excuse herself to visit the loos. He longed for the day she’d let her in, but he wasn’t about to rush her into it. He was loving her more and more every passing day. And for once in his miserable life, Jake gave sex the cold shoulder. They say love makes you do crazy things, Jake understood that now quite well. He was head over heels in love with this girl.


Death A Virgin


That night as he was awoken from his sleep by the shrill ringing of his phone and the caller I.D read ‘Wifey’, he wondered what it was that Purity couldn’t wait till morning to tell him. And why was she even awake at this hour in the first place? But he picked up the phone nevertheless and answered as sweetly as he always did:

“Hello babe”

“Hello, who am I speaking to, please?”

Jake jerked as if he’d just been struck to full reality by a thunderbolt. He was totally awake now. And something was certainly wrong. The voice at the other end of the line was female but it definitely wasn’t Purity’s, he’d recognize it even on auto-tune. It wasn’t her. But then who was this? And why was she calling from her phone? If it was her occasional early morning pranks he had to tell her it wasn’t funny anymore. He would give her a piece of his mind. But then, it was obvious she wasn’t the caller and he wasn’t about to run rogue on a stranger so he kept his cool. He desperately needed answers here and keeping this conversation going was the only way he’d get some. So he picked himself up and continued:

“This is Jake speaking, and you are?”

“My name is Kelly and am calling you from the St. John’s Hospital. The owner of this phone was involved in a terrible accident earlier tonight and this phone, believed to be hers, was found on the scene of the carnage and is protocol, we checked the last number dialed and it happened to be yours so that’s why am calling you now. The school I.D found on her reads Lavender Purity Waiganjo and I was just wondering if you recognize that name?”


Jake was already on his feet wailing when the nurse finished that sentence. He struggled to keep his tears in their place but they flowed freely as if they were life inmates released from jail by Presidential pardon. He had not cried in a long time, and his tears were bent on taking advantage of this opportunity.

“Ye-ee-ss”, he found himself replying. “Yes, I know her. Is she awake? Will she be fine?”

“Calm down, Mr. Jake. If you could just rush down to the hospital and her state will be…”


Jake wasn’t going to wait for her to finish another sentence. He dropped the phone to the floor, jumped into any cloth in sight and bolted out of the room, banging the door behind him. He waved down a taxi on the road and was at St. John’s hospital in little over 20 minutes. He dashed inside and began asking everyone for the nurse who had called her. He couldn’t even remember her name anymore. He was in a state of panic and denial, only hoping Purity was still alive. He found the nurse after wandering around the hospital for ten minutes, which lasted eternity, but from the expression on her face, something wasn’t right. But he knew Purity, she was strong. She could survive this. She had to survive this. So he clung on. The nurse wouldn’t reveal to him any details so he was forced to wait for the doctor, who left the room 20 minutes later and addressed him.


“Am sorry, Mr. Jake. We tried our best but…we lost her!”

At that instance, Jake felt like punching the doctor right in the jaws. But a strong surge swept him off his feet and the next thing he recalled was waking up hours later at the same hospital, this time in a hospital bed too. He still couldn’t believe she was gone. How could she do this to him? He had told her not to go home that night but she had insisted. Why couldn’t she just have listened to him? Jake was depressed. And for the three days he spent at the hospital, he neither touched food nor left his bed. He didn’t even talk to anyone. He just kept to himself the whole time, staring up at the ceiling seeking answers from The Man Above. But even He had none for him at this time.


Purity’s parents and close family came for her body on the third day, same day as his discharge, and he felt their pain. No one should ever have to go through such pain in their lifetime. Purity was amazing, everyone loved her. But now she was gone and she had left behind a void nobody else would ever fill. He observed her family from afar, for a moment there he felt like approaching and hugging every single one of them. Too bad none of them knew him. And now none of them would. He found his way out of the hospital and headed straight for the beach. He always went to the beach whenever he felt like clearing up his mind. He’d brought Purity here once too. It felt like yesterday, but now all he had were memories.


So as he lay there on the sand thinking about how amazing the last year of his life had been, he realized he was on his own from now henceforth. It only dawned on him now that Purity had died a virgin. As ridiculous as that felt to him, he was amazed at the life she had led. He wished he’d met her earlier in his life, perhaps he wouldn’t have been such a wreck. Right there and then, he vowed to uphold her memory. No more random sex with every girl he met. She had taught him the value of respecting one’s body. And in that instance, as Jake got up to go home, he knew that from then henceforth, nothing would ever be the same again. His whole world would take a different turn. Whether for better or for worse, he didn’t really care at this time. Time would tell.


The End!



(Meanwhile, Center Stage at Lavish Lounge on Thursday was amazing. Hats off to Story Teller and Edu for pulling off such an event and Shout Out to the beautiful people who showed up and made it memorable. That includes you, bestie…and my crazily wonderful classmates: Ken, Johnny, Brian, ‘Chinku’ <what’s your real name bana?>, Paula, MaryAnn, Ninah, Jennifer, Claudia, Dennoh and the ever jovial Gloria. You guys are real. Salute!)


Chapter I

A few meters into the sandy beaches sat a protruding figure. A figure of a male being, albeit alive, grappling with space in an attempt to piece together a part of him that had wandered off into the unknown. Jake stares into thin air as if trying, albeit in vain, to locate his lost soul. A little glance and you could tell he was in deep thought. A man in pain, perhaps. The kind of pain only brought forth by the opposite sex.




Jake had met Purity in his second year of campus. She had just registered for first year herself, and was climbing down the stairs of the Administration Block when Jake first caught sight of her. Tingles of lust quickly trickled down his thin-frame of a body as he thought to himself all the ‘manly’ stuff he could do to her genitals if locked in a room with her for just a few minutes…nay, scratch that…seconds. Scenes from the blue movie he had stayed up late last night watching crawled back to his mind and a for a minute there he closed his eyes, unwary of the present surrounding, and pictured himself and the beautiful damsel before him in his bed. He was rudely awoken from his reveries by a slight bulge which was steadily erupting in his trousers and he quickly put his ‘evil’ thoughts to rest, not wanting to embarrass himself by having a boner right at the center of a room swarmed by both students and lecturers of either gender. But one thing still remained engraved in his mind; He wanted this mortal.


See, Jake was the type that believed in no such thing as love. He had had countless girlfriends but none he was ever truly in love with. This always resulted in break-ups so he had decided to give relationships a cold shoulder as they were a practical waste of time. He didn’t want a woman to cook for him, he just wanted one who could ‘ride’ him to the world yonder. He had a way with women and the process was always the same. He saw a girl, he got a boner and all he ever thought of after that was sex. He had quite literally slept with half the women in his previous apartment, causing quite a scuffle when they all finally came to and had to be forcefully evicted by the caretaker after a unanimous decision by fellow tenants. You would think experience is the best teacher but even after this, Jake never seemed shaken. He moved elsewhere and continued hopping from bed to bed like a sex-crazed machine. He never had enough. Day or night, anytime was the perfect time. And when he wasn’t studying, or having sex with some random woman on the roof, Jake spent his time flipping through blue movies. You know, the ones the old generation call ‘porn’. And he stored them in plain sight, cleverly encrypted in abundance in a folder on the desktop named ‘CLASSWORK’. The last place a skimmer would think of looking, right? Sex wasn’t just sex to Jake, it was art.


On the other hand, Purity, just like her name advocated, was still one of the few pure (read; virgin) breed of souls walking the face of this universe. Whatever she did, she did it with graceful demeanor and left with her head held high. Wherever she went, she left tong’ues wagging and trousers rumbling in excitement. If we are all God’s creation, then God probably moulded Purity after a nice warm meal of Ugali and Samaki diligently prepared and served to Him by the most glorious of souls up there. She had the eyes of a goddess, a mouth as round and amazingly tiny as the head of a dining spoon, breasts sizable and soft enough for just the perfect handful, well arched hips and bottoms able to dismiss Vera Sidika’s as a joke, and a soul pure enough to give Mother Teresa butterflies in her grave. Throughout her entire 18 years of breath, she had had just one boyfriend whom she loved with all her heart but who broke and tore it to tiny pieces after she refused to give up whatever lay beneath those beautiful legs citing personal reasons. And just like Jake, Purity had set her mind off relationships till “Mr. Right” came stumbling along.


As Jake just stood there motionless, ogling at her seductively slither down those torturous stairs, the urge to have her rose by ounces and he couldn’t take it anymore so he walked a few paces towards her but just before he could utter jack, Purity smiled in etiquette and murmured, “Hi, would you happen to know the directions towards the hostels? I’ve been allocated a room in Hall 1 but I can’t quite trace my way there as this is my first time here.” Jake was totally blown off. Not that he didn’t know where the female hostels were, heck he was the most frequent visitor to the female hostels in the entire school. Even the care taker knew him and rarely asked for his school I.D these days as he had once heckled her over the habit. But who did this girl think she was stopping him in his tracks like that? And asking him things? Why couldn’t she ask the other seven thousand plus students in the school where the damn hostels were? But somehow, deep inside, he was glad she chose to ask him. He was honored.


“Yeah, Sure. Hall 1 is just a few corners from here. Am not really the best in terms of giving directions but I could just escort you there, if you don’t mind.” Jake replied.


“Thanks but, you sure you don’t have a class to attend? I’ll be fine with just the directions and, besides, I wouldn’t really want to be a bother.” Purity mumbled back.


Of course he had classes to attend, he was an Engineering student for Chrissake. But in the presence of a downright dazzling lass as this, every man would be free. Besides, he probably wouldn’t have understood any of those concepts anyway, the lecturer always sounded gibberish to him. So, looking on the positive side, this would pass just fine as a valuable use of his time.


“No…I have nowhere to be. And you don’t have to worry about being a bother either, the pleasure is all mine.”


Purity was impressed. Not once, since Adrian; her first and only love, had another man spoken to her in such a flattering and pleasant manner as this. So with just a simple, “Okay, if you say so. Why not?” reply, her journey into Jake’s crazy, wild and openly disgusting world would unravel at a quickening pace unbeknown to either of them.


What did Jake really say to Purity on their way to the hostel? How did he, a sex-craved miserable being, charm his way into a pure heart so undeserving of his craziness as this? Did he finally get to lay her too? And if so, why is he presently lying alone in the sand sad?


Find out in the next chapter, I had to pause here to go watch the World Cup too.