Written by Bonnie Kay




As I pack lightly in my hostel room, I take a second to sit down and reminisce on the last four months of my first semester in campus. I can’t say it’s exactly everything I thought it would be. To be perfectly honest, campus is overrated. Contrary to popular opinion, campus is not a party hub. People don’t drink the whole day and smoke till sunset, the girls don’t bare it all in broad daylight (but it’s still debatable), and the guys don’t switch girls everyday (still debatable). My point is, there is more to it other than the whole cliché school of thought about it. I know everyone would expect the whole party animal act but I am sorry to disappoint anyone in that line of thought. It has been an uneventful four months.


A friend recently dropped by and with much excitement in his eyes, asked me how campus life is. At that very moment it hit me that I had almost nothing to say; nothing exciting to the ears of a form four leaver and campus hopeful anyway. I mean, how could I begin to tell him about how interesting sociology class was and how I attended every lecture? That’s how you lose friends! I could see the disappointment on my friends face when I explained how uneventful it was. Now am pretty sure I top the list of the biggest idiots he’s ever met. He was waiting to hear of my endless drinking spree and partying escapades. So yes, I didn’t drink myself silly, I never woke up next to a strange girl, I never smoked any illegal herbs( maybe once or twice] and I definitely didn’t take part in an orgy[yes, that happens]. I spent half my time in bed in an awfully quiet and isolated hostel watching orange is the new black and the other half is split between getting angry at the slow internet connection in the campus while trying to download Nick Dee’s top 40, and lining in line for hours at F-Class trying to get that chapo mix.


I swear I have never survived this much in my life. Forget high school, ten shillings has never had a bigger meaning than in the last four months. My stomach has been subjected to very odd foods so much that now I think am allergic to fast foods or anything that actually tastes good. Now, on top of all that, add women into the picture. There is nothing heartbreaking as a girl asking you to buy her a cocktail after class and you only have fifty shillings at hand. Buying that cocktail completely ruins your whole budget. It means skipping lunch, foregoing buying airtime and probably not stopping by at your mutura guy. See women think we are something close to being superhuman who need not eat. They somehow think that we are at their mercy whenever they please.


However, my first semester wasn’t as completely dull and full of hunger. I made friends, some interesting, some different and some not worth talking about. From the reggae guy who listens to Kelly Clarkson (it’s still a shocker to me, Bob Marley meets Bono scenario?), the weird neighbor who had never held a conversation with any female species for more than two minutes, to the big guy in the hostel’s common room who has an opinion about everything. I cannot leave out the guy with the larger than life ego. It’s safe to say I have made friends with misfits. On love, I couldn’t be further from getting Mrs. Right, if she exists anyway. For some strange reason, my understanding of girls has become more twisted. A few damsels crossed my way. Starting with the lass with the awkward smile to the damsel who knocked me off my feet just to give me blows while I was down. What’s with me and this bad luck with women? It wouldn’t be much of a shock if a crystal ball showed me still dreaming of marrying Olivia Wilde 20 years from now while my kinsmen are all married and “happy’’. Bottom line is, it’s only the first semester, right?


About the Writer of this article


In his own words;


I am Bonnie…What can i say, making words come alive is my thing. Am subtle but my inner demons tend to break loose once in a while. Am not the kind of person you could easily pick in a crowd due to that nature. You ask if am single? Well, I think “love” is over rated and rather than spending half my time trying to impress another mortal, I’d rather stay in my boxers in the house and watch reruns of 24.”


Warm Festive Season!

3 thoughts on “THE BEGINNING

  1. This is a great piece and I dare not qualify it with my unsolicited analysis.Plus you speak for us all here buddy!

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